Agarwood in Ha Tinh – one of the best agarwood in Vietnam?

Agarwood in Ha Tinh – one of the best agarwood in Vietnam?

The demand to buy Agarwood in Ha Tinh today is very high, but here there are very few shops selling Agarwood, many stores have unstable addresses that change constantly. With the development of technology, now if you want to buy Agarwood in Ha Tinh, you can buy it through online sales channels such as Amazon, Shopee, Company Website, etc. Agarwood is a very high feng shui item as well as spiritual values. Thanks to the great energy that Agarwood brings to human life, it is known as precious things in feng shui. Binh Nghia is also one of the most prestigious and largest Ha Tinh Agarwood (Oud) suppliers in Vietnam.

The secret when buying Agarwood in Ha Tinh:

Agarwood products in Ha Tinh are sold at quite high prices, so customers are always interested in whether the item is real or fake? In today's market, fake products are rampant in the stores, so before you buy, you need to equip yourself with knowledge to be able to distinguish real or fake.

What is Oud?

Oud would rather say it was just a wound from the Do Bau tree. Wounds are subject to many influences from nature: wind, rain, storms, chisels, etc., also known as natural Oud, or there are many Oud trees that are actively influenced by humans: chisel, drill, gouge, etc., which are called cultivated Oud. In wounds, along with the effects caused by Nature, a layer of Agarwood Oil will form around the wood of the Do tree, thereby creating Agarwood. To distinguish these two types of Agarwood, it is necessary to have in-depth professional knowledge.

What should we pay attention to when buying Agarwood in Ha Tinh?

For products such as Nui Tram incense, Agarwood incense, and incense, the ingredients that make up these products must be of 100% natural origin, and do not contain additives harmful to the health of users.

Burning Agarwood products must not be turned off halfway – this is the most taboo in spirituality and worship.

The scent of Agarwood must be natural, not as strong as products impregnated with strong scents.

Products that contain benzene ring fragrance, if you smell it for a long time, will lead to cancer.

For Agarwood handicraft products, the raw Agarwood embryo inside is what determines the quality of the product. Nowadays, Agarwood embryos are very diverse and originate from many places: Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. Sources of Planted goods or Natural sources, Technological goods or Natural goods are very diverse.

Price and product quality always go hand in hand. Because there is no professional knowledge about Agarwood, many people have bought the wrong price compared to the quality of the product.

Welcome to Binh Nghia Company

Binh Nghia Co., Ltd. is one of the leading agarwood production companies.

Now over decades of experience Binh Nghia Co., Ltd. has become one of the world's leading Oud producers.

Our products are 100% organic. Our factory is the largest in Vietnam for the production of agarwood. We specialize in this field for 40 years and the stability of raw materials for production is of good quality and quite competitive.

We are proud to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of Agarwood / Oud Oil, Chips, Incense, Resin, Sanai, Powder and Accessories. Our Agarwood has been on the worldwide market since the 1980s and we have brought much more Scent of Vietnam to every corner beyond the Middle East. It is our great honor to be part of your precious culture in every moment of life, and your precious health benefits as well.

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