Sanai Agarwood

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Sanai Agarwood


Agarwood/oud nowadays is getting rare and price is very high in certain market because of high consistence demands in the market of agarwood lover.
Especially for Middle East market the demands of good quality agarwood is extra ordinary, as it is known that Middle East religious and cultural background driving the people to use agarwood in their daily life.
In fulfilling the challenge to provide agarwood for middle east market, Binh Nghia agarwood co., ltd produces artificial Agarwood or known as sanai, maroki (merauke) for mid and lower end market for those who can not afford to buy an original expensive agarwood.
We produce many designs of Sanai (Industrial Agarwood).
Sanai agarwood is made from aquilaria tree (agarwood tree) material and agarwood resin.

Product Information

Product Name: Premium Sanai (Sinai)
Material: Agarwood + Agarwood resin
Place of origin: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Brand name:  Binh Nghia
Grade Premium
Model number: Z Medium 
Color: Dark Brown
Specifications: Industry Agarwood
Size: Normal Size
Scent: Agarwood Smell
Certificate: CITES
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Package & Delivery

Package Carton box
Min order quantity 1kg
Shipping  DHL or FedEx (No free ship)    
Delivery time 1 week after payment

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