Agarwood (OUD) is one of nature's treasures

Agarwood (OUD) is one of nature's treasures

Treasures of nature

Agarwood (oud) is known for its medicinal, aromatherapy and feng shui benefits, and its elaborate process. When the plant is injured, it accumulates sap on the wound to "bandage". It took a lot of wounds and years of "eating the sun and the wind" in the middle of the deep, deep forest that was formed.

The longer the sedimentation period is, the more precious the age, the more precious it is. Many people believe that frankincense absorbs the aura of heaven and earth, the essence of the mountain forest, so it will protect and bring luck to the user.

The process of "hunting" is difficult due to the trees growing in the deep forest, among all species of trees. The people has to cut mountains and cross the forest for months and months in search of bass.

Agarwood (oud) also appears in many cultures. Ancient Egyptian priests have used Agarwood as fuel to request and invite gods to come to them. In Buddhism, Agarwood is present in rituals towards goodness, spirituality, compassion, compassion, bliss, selflessness, altruism ... focusing on the human mind.

Products from Agarwood

According to the conception, the scent of Agarwood has a sedative effect, improves concentration, is often used in meditation, helps the mind to be consistent and relaxed, thereby dispelling evil things. Agarwood is also burned during great Christian rituals that people often refer to as the fragrance of God.

Today, many people still use Agarwood daily rituals such as housewarming, opening, worshiping ...

In many parts of the world, especially The Middle East, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan, Agarwood is used as a valuable fragrance in the preparation of perfumes.

In Oriental medicine, depression is used as a remedy for many diseases such as malaria, abdominal pain, urinary tract diseases ... The scent of depression also helps to sleep and relax the mind.

Bring Vietnam Agarwood to international

Binh Nghia Agarwood Co., Ltd is one of the suppliers of high quality incense in Vietnam. The enterprise has more than 35 years of experience in exploiting and manipulating bass.

Binh Nghia Agarwood also launched many other agarwood products to serve consumers such as: Agarwood incense, Agarwood oil, agarwood powder, agarwood chips, Agarwood pieces, Agarwood chunks ... Products of Binh Nghia Agarwood is present in over 20 countries.