Agarwood (Oud) Carving. Meaning of Using it?

Agarwood (Oud) Carving. Meaning of Using it?

I. WHAT IS The Agarwood Carving?

After the tree is creating Agarwood (Oud), the artist will cancel the layers of Agarwood log without Agarwood oil outside, and it will show the skin of oils outside. Normally, Oud carving have a natural shape according to the content of oils on the skin of it.

Agarwood carving has different types that is depending on the original, quality, shape and size of Agarwood logs. The price will depend on them also.


Currently, there are many types of Agarwood in the market: Natural Agarwood, Cultivated Agarwood. The Shape and Style of Agarwood is created by the oil according to the natural mechanism of the Agarwood tree.

It also has many places in the world with different aroma and shape depending on origin: Vietnamese, Laos, Malaysia, Indo….in which, Vietnamese Agarwood is evaluated it has the best quality of the World.

Now, Agarwood (Oud) manufacturers use Industrial Agarwood added Agarwood Oil to create Agarwood Carving, it will be strong shape and aroma according to order of customers. The price of this type is not low if the quality of Pure Agarwood Oil is good and the amount of oil is cooked deep inside.

III. Signification of Agarwood carving:

From ancient, Agarwood has been famous as the "King of the Masters of Feng Shui" because of the special benefit of its, the resin of agarwood is combined with the essence of nature, the earth and the sky for a long time. The energy of it brings to the living space is very good, except to the effect of fragrance, deodorization, it is also to ward off evil spirits, bad environment, bring good feng shui….

Agarwood Carving is put on in temples, pagodas or altars to pay respects to the sacred and superior.

It is into the living room and office space is not only for decoration but also helps to increase vitality because the space is spread with good energy of Agarwood.

Currently, Agarwood carving is popular in the World, A lot of tourist are looking for to buy it for decoration or gifts. Luxury and noble Agarwood reward art shows the level of Agarwood users.

IV. PRICE OF Agarwood Carving:

The price of it depends on the following factors: The quality, Size and Shape of Agarwood.

Of the three factors above, the quality of Agarwood determines the price of them. Vietnamese natural Agarwood is the most expensive Agarwood in the world due to its high value. Industrial Agarwood Statues are lower price, the price depends the quality and amount of oil inside.

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