The use of Agarwood in health of life and feng-shui

The use of Agarwood in health of life and feng-shui


1. The first type is Ky Nam. Ky Nam (Kyara)  is ranked the most rare and special in all kinds of bass, and has the highest value in the market because the male period is very rare. Ky Nam's prices are very high, up to millions of US dollars

Quality: Ky Nam (kyara) has the highest quality, the largest oil content of all kinds of agarwood, softness and flexibility, the aroma of men is full of bitterness, sweetness, mild woody aroma, green smoke, straight and long flying. .

Ky Nam (kyara) is ranked into 4 ranks:

• White Ky Nam: Ivory white, light gray, extremely rare, rarely available, very high price.

• Green Ky Nam: Gray green, greenish color, very rare and expensive, ranked after the white period.

• Yellow Ky Nam: Dark yellow, brown gold, rare and expensive.

• Black Ky Nam: Indigo black color, pitch black color, quite rare, expensive.

2. The second type, ranked after Ky Nam, is the first grade and second grade of agarwood.

First Grade of agarwood has an oil contamination level of almost 100%.  First Grade of agarwood will completely sink when placed in the water. Second Grade of agarwood will doesn't completely sink when put in the water. First grade is very good and rare, so it has high economic value, is not sold in the market but is mainly bought and sold by hand, sold quickly. The price 100 - 200 thousand USD / kg.

3. The third type is called the ants agarwood, also known as the third grade, the fourth grade.

The ants agarwood often have holes, there are caves made by ants, the ants agarwood are submerged under water, not completely like the first and second types of sediments. Quite rare in nature and fluctuating in price from 1,000 USD / kg or more.

4. Finally, Agarwood block.

Agarwood block is a monolithic form of agarwood, without holes, often with little oil, formed in the trunk of Aquilaria tree. Agarwood Block is the most popular and popular on the market today. Often crafted as rosemary, bonsai. There are prices from 50 usd / kg or more


The use of Agarwood is very good in healing and feng-shui, spirituality whereby the value of agarwood is enhanced. Essential oil extracted from frankincense has a characteristic aroma of wood, warm but passionate, gentle without harsh, capable of preventing cancer, beautifying the skin, bright eyes, tonic, steaming essential oils. to re-establish a sacred and respectful atmosphere for the worship space. The benefits of Agarwood help tonic yang, kidney qi, support the function of the kidneys. There are also strong heart, digestive, anti-diarrhea, antiemetic, asthma treatment shortness effects.

In particular, Agarwood is used for making bracelets, which is the most popular feng shui item today. Wearing agarwood bracelets helps to control feelings of anger, anger, and reminds us to always be compassionate, happy, and at peace. The deep scent helps the spirit always feel refreshed and lucid, reducing stress in work and daily life.

Burning Agarwood stimulates to increase wealth and prosperity. In the bedroom, if you burn agarwood, it will help create a fresh, comfortable atmosphere, so it will be easier to fall asleep and bring a deeper sleep. Burning Agarwood at the work helps to reduce stress and soothe the spirit, bringing clarity of mind.