How to buy high quality agarwood incense?

How to buy high quality agarwood incense?

Although the price is quite expensive but the demand for agarwood incense is always high for the Vietnamese. It is precisely the habit of incense, spirituality, and customs at every holiday. Although used daily, but few people know how to choose high quality agarwood incense, ensure safety and no toxic chemicals. Today Binh Nghia Agarwood wants to share with you some tips to buy pure agarwood incense.

What is real agarwood incense?

Real agarwood incense is made from agarwood powder formed in Aquilaria crassna-Agarwood tree, mixed with Litsea glutinous as adhesive. It is pure natural. Agarwood incense does not harm the health of people. In addition, the natural aroma of agarwood also provides many benefits for health.

Signs to identify real incense and chemical incense
Recognizing the need to use incense in the market, the type of incense is often imitated fake and sold uncontrolled in the market. Popular is incense using Chinese flavors mixed with sawdust. Therefore, these incense products are very cheap, thick incense smoke, hard to tan and black. Smelly incense can lead to fatigue, tension, respiratory effects, especially bad influence on the lungs and vision.

Natural agarwood incense sticks are made of precious and natural materials, completely free of toxic chemicals. In the deep-fried agarwood powder. Therefore, it brings a gentle, pure aroma that is not harsh, when entering the body to circulate the meridian, acupuncture, relieve stress, fatigue, purify the air. The process of producing pure incense and incense requires a lot of effort and time, the meticulous and caring of the incense burner bring the value of pure agarwood incense.

You can easily identify agarwood incense by smell, shape. Clear incense burning when smells are mild, subtle but not intense, like burning incense chemicals. The incense smoke is white, thin, straight up high and subdued before disappearing into the air.

Through these tips, Binh Nghia Agarwood believes that you can distinguish and choose for yourself real agarwood incense to protect the health of yourself and your family. Especially, if you have no experience in selecting incense, you can choose incense based on origin and brand of incense.

Binh Nghia Agarwood Company Limited is a production and export base of agarwood brand in the market of Vietnam as well as Middle East countries. We are always transparent in the production and processing of incense, with the expectation that the products of our incense can bring peace in the spirit as well as abundant health for Vietnamese consumers.

We have many years of experience in cultivating and producing products from agarwood, in which pure incense is the main product in the domestic market. Currently, Kynamhuong - Binh Nghia Agarwood pure incense agarwood is being sold at online shopping sites such as: Lazada, shopee, tiki ...