Agarwood Jewelry

Agarwood Jewelry

You have know that jewelry from Agarwood is becoming the trend of today because the rich people play gold but the luxury people will play agarwood.

1. Origin of Agarwood Jewelry

Agarwood is precisely created from the agarwood tree. Natural agarwood is an extremely light weight tree. A clump of agarwood tree is about a person's hug, one meter long. Therefore, although it is a tree for wood, no one uses it for purposes such as industry, docks or construction because agarwood tree is so light and soft. However, agarwood can be made extremely rare products such as agarwood bracelets.

Artificial Agarwood is made from the bark of the Agarwood tree then pressed at high pressure to get essential oils. The cost of artificial agarwood will be much cheaper than that of natural agarwood, but it does not have stable value and sometimes customers can encounter fake types of artificial agarwood.

2. The wonderful benefits of Agarwood Jewelry

Agarwood bracelet

Agarwood is really an present of nature, agglomerated over time and endured the challenges of Mother Nature. Agarwood brings a lot of values ​​​​in terms of health, feng shui and spirituality.

Essential oil extracted from Agarwood has a characteristic aroma, warmth and strong smell with gentle taste. Specially, according to traditional medicine, Agarwood has the effect of regulating blood pressure, warming kidney, relieving pain and sedating mind.

In modern western medicine, Agarwood has been recognized as a greater anti-cancer agent than chemotherapy because Agarwood does not eliminate healthy cells in the body.

Agarwood contains the chemical compound acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA), which has the function of eliminating cancer cells, and can be very positive in the cancer treatment for human breast, protate, ovary and colon.