Types of Agarwood incense

Types of Agarwood incense

There are 3 types of Agarwood incense to help aromatize room or meditation such as coils, cones and incense without bamboo sticks. They can help clean the living space, relax mind, and contribute to support blood circulation...

Agarwood Incense shaped like coils and cones

These types of incense commonly used in home fumigation.  Incense is made from finely ground agarwood powder.  Agarwood, after grinding, will be mixed with natural Litsea glue, forming a mixture with sufficient adhesion.  Then it is shaped like a bud, a cone or a lotus bud, coil and so on.

 - Agarwood incense coils are burned in incense burner. Smoke will rise and spread quickly, so it is often used to deodorize, purify the air, fumigate houses, offices, and decontaminate.
 - Agarwood incense cones are burned in special incense burners and the smoke will go down.  The incense smoke after burning will gather, melt slowly and flow down like a waterfall, creating a highlight and bringing a sense of relaxation to the user.  Agarwood buds are often used to help relax, meditate, calm the mind or be used during teabreak.

Agarwood incense without bamboo stick

This type of incense is made from agarwood powder combined with natural litsea glue and shaped without a bamboo stick inside.  Therefore, when burning, incense does not produce too much ash while incense smoke has a gentle aroma and gradually dissolves in the air.  By not using a toothpick core, the incense retains the purity of original agarwood.

Due to the elaborate production process and high content of agarwood, incense sticks are often used in tea ceremonies, meditation, yoga... The aroma of agarwood contributes to the soul's relaxation, sedation, and peace of mind or stress decrease.  In addition, incense sticks are also applied to fumigate rooms to help repel insects and purify the air in the house.

Of all aromatic materials, agarwood is considered having the most special aroma because of its uniquely natural fragrance.  The sweet scent of wood not only evokes a feeling of warmth but also dispels daily fatigue.