Agarwood/Oud incense stick materials – from 1005 natural ingredients

Agarwood/Oud incense stick materials – from 1005 natural ingredients

Agarwood pulp powder
Today, with efforts to research and improve technology, Agarwood growers have succeeded in stimulating physical factors for Aquilaria trees to create Agarwood/Oud in a shorter period of time, compared to the types of Agarwood grows in nature, suffers from natural physical factors.

Agarwood/Oud taken from the natural growth tree, bearing a little human impact, is manually processed to remove the white wood that does not create Agarwood/Oud and then fine grinded into powder.

Adhesive mixture: natural Litsea powder and water Litsea is a tree species with stem bark and viscous substance. All parts of the Litsea have sticky, most mucus in the bark, often used to stick paper pulp, making incense. Leaves are used as animal feed – according to Huynh Ngoc Tung, Litsea, Medicine & Health magazine.

We uses grinded powder from Litsea mixed with water to create a natural glue that can bind, mix with Agarwood powder to form a wet mixture, then grap the wet mixture around a bamboo stick to create Agarwood/Oud incense stick.

Since then, Agarwood/Oud incense sticks are bundled into small bundles, fixed with rope and packed into recycled paper boxes, completely without plastic packaging to help protect the environment and nature.

The whole process of making Agarwood/Oud incense stick from raw materials to drying, packaging is completely not using any toxic chemicals or artificial factors.

As a result, it helps to ensure the health of users, especially those who are vulnerable such as the elderly, children, pregnant women, … in the conditions of daily use.

With this information, Hoang Giang Agarwood hopes our customers to have the most convenient shopping experience with Agarwood/oud products with the highest quality.