The difference of enjoying bass in 4 Asian countries

The difference of enjoying bass in 4 Asian countries

Enjoying Agarwood is no stranger to many people today. It is popular and becomes a trend for those who love luxury style.

In Asia, many people love the natural scent of Agarwood, so to grasping the trend of the market, more and more forms of playing Agarwood appear and depending on the culture of countries, there will be a distinctive way to enjoy Agarwood. Let’s join Ky Nam Huong to learn about the differences of culture to enjoying Agarwood from Asian countries!


For Japanese culture, the Agarwood (Oud) have many different roles. Culturally, the Japanese uses Agarwood incense for the Koh-Doh ritual (also known as the art of incense religion). The Agarwood will be cut into small pieces and the experts will create the scent by burning it. Thanks to the gentle scent that causes a pleasant feeling, it gradually becomes a hobby of many people.

They like to burn Agarwood in the house to keep a faint scent to help relax their mind. In addition, this hobby of burning Agarwood is also developed into Agarwood competitions to choose the most elegant Agarwood scent.


Recently, Chinese giants are considered to be fascinated by a rare perfume, it has a price is "more expensive than gold", which is Agarwood perfume instead of other classy and luxurious perfumes. Agarwood perfume gradually becomes an expensive hobby in China because of its special and noble scent. In addition to being used as a perfume, Agarwood is also burned by rich peoples to enjoy the scent in a short of time.


Thai people are famous for their traditional costumes designed in a luxurious and noble style, with many colors. The costume both emphasizes traditional Thai cultural elements and exalts the modern beauty of Thai people in the journey of integration with the world. And the combination with Agarwood jewelry is perfect because of the similarities in fashion style. Perhaps that is why Thai people love this high-end jewelry. They will hunt for models of Agarwood bracelets combined with precious stones to increase the shimmer and class when it was used.


Vietnam is one of the few countries that has a rare source of Agarwood because of favorable geographical and climatic conditions, it is possible to grow Do Bau trees from which to produce quality Agarwood. Taking advantage of that "God-given" benefit, there are many businesses in Vietnam participating in the Agarwood business. Agarwood hobby in Vietnam is also increasingly popular with many forms such as wooden bracelets, incense, statues and smoke waterfalls.

The most of Vietnamese often want to gather with their families and have cozy reunions after a long period of studying and working hard. From that, peoples will need to buy Agarwood smoke waterfall have floating smoke like a flowing waterfall along with an ethereal, gentle scent to help relax the mind, everyone will happier.

This trend is increasingly popular that will have different art of enjoyment. With these ways to enjoy Agarwood of Asian countries listed above, choose a style to bring Agarwood to your life, it will be very beneficial for you in terms of health as well as your health.

Thank you.

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