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Agarwood pieces. Introduction and instructions on how to burn Agarwood pieces

Agarwood pieces. Introduction and instructions on how to burn Agarwood pieces

The habit of burning Agarwood has existed for a long time and is considered a tradition of Vietnamese people. In fact, burning agarwood is not only popular in Vietnam but also in many countries around the world. That's because of its attractive scent, simple usage, and other benefits. However, not everyone knows how to burn Agarwood properly. Understanding that, in this article Ky Nam Huong will send you the most detailed instructions on how to burn agarwood pieces.

A little about Agarwood pieces

The piece of Agarwood is the piece of wood that has been accumulated from the Do Bau tree. More specifically, when the Do Bau tree is injured, the trunk will produce a resin to heal the wounds, this oil will accumulate in each wood fiber and form agarwood. The large wooden trunks containing agarwood are cut into short pieces, then the agarwood cutter will use a toothpick to remove the white part of the wood that does not contain essential oils, leaving only the pieces of wood containing agarwood, also known as agarwood. pieces.

Features and applications of Agarwood pieces

In fact, in the pieces of incense will have essential oils, so when burned, the essential oils will give off a characteristic aroma with a mild, warm, spicy taste. Therefore, agarwood pieces are used as a medicine for inhalation, especially in Middle Eastern countries, which is very popular in the Middle East. Currently in Vietnam, steaming agarwood pieces is also gradually becoming more popular.

In addition, in Eastern culture, agarwood pieces are items that absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, so they have a very special spiritual and feng shui meaning. Burning frankincense pieces in the house on holidays, New Year, or opening ceremony helps to ward off evil spirits, dispel bad luck, help remove unclean air in the home and workplace, and bring fresh, comfortable and pleasant air.

Why should you burn Agarwood pieces?

Most people know that the use of Frankincense has many benefits. But still few people fully understand its true effects.

Here are some uses of frankincense pieces that you should know:

The scent of incense has the effect of deodorizing, eliminating evil spirits, and attracting prosperity to the owner. Especially for business people and traders, the burning of Agarwood pieces will help the work always go smoothly, bring good luck and avoid bad luck and bad luck. Therefore, frankincense pieces are often used in important occasions such as when opening a house, going to a new home, holidays, and breaking ground.

Agarwood makes the atmosphere in the living space better. Agarwood pieces when burned will create a warm atmosphere with a light fragrance that spreads throughout the house.

With a mild and pleasant aroma, Agarwood pieces are considered as a natural remedy to soothe the spirit and relieve stress very effectively.

The sacred relationship between the burning of frankincense and spirituality has been proven over time. And that is why so many people use frankincense in spiritual rituals.

Sedative and good sleep: The aroma emitted from the pieces of incense is one of the ways to help improve the quality of sleep every day.

Increases arousal: The scent that spreads throughout the bedroom can make love more complete, make you feel relaxed, comfortable and enhance feelings of euphoria.

Ways to burn Agarwood pieces

There are two main ways of burning agarwood pieces: Direct burning and burning by heating.

1. Burn directly with fire

To burn agarwood pieces directly with a donkey, you need to use a copper incense burner (oven), or if you don't have a censer, you should use a good aluminum or porcelain tray. Charcoal used to burn agarwood can be ordinary charcoal or activated carbon. First, you put the piece of charcoal burned in the censer, then slowly put the piece of Agarwood on top of the coal, you can break the piece of Agarwood to burn it for convenience. Note that you should not put a lot of coal, let the coal burn into a fire, but only let the coal smolder to maintain, avoid letting the agarwood burn into a fire, there will be no aroma. This method of burning agarwood pieces has the following disadvantages:

The oil in the wood is burned at high temperature, so the quality of the scent is quite poor, not showing the gentle aroma of agarwood.

Thời gian diễn ra sẽ rất nhanh do quá trình đốt trực tiếp sẽ tạo ra khối lượng nhiệt lớn.

Khói than đôi khi lấn át mùi thơm của tinh dầu có trong trầm miếng

2.Burning by annealing

This method uses an electric incense burner. Incense burners are usually made of glazed ceramic materials and use electricity to heat Agarwood, helping to create fragrance. The pot has a temperature control function, helping the fragrance spread evenly throughout the house without creating much smoke.

How to burn agarwood pieces with an electric burner:

You should break the big piece of Agarwood into small pieces for easy steaming. Put the piece of incense into the porcelain urn, adjust the time and temperature accordingly, then plug in the power. The essential oil in the piece of incense will be heated slowly and radiate the fragrance around. When the burner is hot enough, you can reduce the temperature to maintain it, it is not necessary to keep the temperature high. Normally, the electric heater will take about 3 to 5 minutes for the temperature to stabilize. Burning agarwood pieces with an electric burner has many advantages such as: no coal smoke, no fire, the scent of agarwood pieces is kept in an original way and the use time is also longer. However, this method has limitations:

- The scent does not appear immediately. Burning with a censer takes time to generate enough heat for the aroma of the incense to spread evenly. A small note is that in the process of steaming, the burner is very hot, so you should pay attention to keep it out of the reach of children. To be durable, you should not steam for more than 8 hours a day.


Thus, Ky Nam Huong has just shared with you how to burn agarwood pieces properly. Burning Agarwood regularly and regularly will bring many benefits, especially for spiritual activities. And each method of steaming has its advantages and disadvantages with different uses. Learn carefully to find the most suitable method of steaming Agarwood.

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