Where can I buy real Agarwood in Vietnam?

Where can I buy real Agarwood in Vietnam?

Agarwood is “The wood of Gods”, which is a very expensive product. Agarwood market products have upper golden lower bran of its quality. All of us know Vietnam is the capital of agarwood. The rule of immutability is you get what you pay for. Of course, that market has real products and fake products. You are an excellent buyer. How to buy real agarwood? How to buy real products in the Vietnam agarwood market? Where is agarwood distributed in Vietnam? Where can you buy agarwood in Vietnam? You will find all of the answers in this article.

Classification agarwood in Vietnam

Nowadays, there are many types of agarwood of quality and products on the market, but product quality is not the same. Because it is dissimilar about the geographical location, botanical species, the age of the specific tree, geological deposition, etc.

As usual, agarwood has two types. They are wild and cultivated agarwood. Of course, wild agarwood is better than cultivated agarwood because it is difficult to find it. For an experienced woodsman, they get the trip to Forest to find agarwood for a long time. It may be from 10 to 30 days or more than. They try to find the agarwood before they return. Those trips sometimes pay off, sometimes it is nothing.

Another way, Vietnam has been planting agarwood tree for a long time, but not all tree give agarwood, agarwood tree needs 5 years for flowering and setting fruit, and wait for it makes agarwood, in general, agarwood tree needs a lot of time to set agarwood, as long as possible is the best choice for this tree.

According to research, Vietnam has three types of agarwood species:  Aquilaria banaensae, Aquilaria crassna, Aquilaria baillonii. All of them are special agarwood botanical and give special quality products.

In addition, geological sediment makes agarwood different from quality and deposition. The result is that There are 3 types of agarwood distinguished by sediment geology. They are “yellow soil sink”, “black soil sink”, and “red soil sink”.

How to distinguish Vietnamese agarwood

In Vietnam, we can find two types, including Kynam (Calambac) and Agarwood. From two types to produce many different productions. For example, Kynam, Agarwood chips, Agarwood bracelet, Agarwood oil, Agarwood incense, Agarwood collection, preparations of agarwood, etc.

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Talk about the real agarwood, the wood grain is clear, easy to see, and distinguishable to the naked eye, moderately dark colors, the scent is sweet, light, and faint. The smell is spreading throughout space and dissipates long. The scent stays in an enclosed room for about five hours, The scent of agarwood will leave other items in the room. This wood is left in the air for a long time, it does not lose its scent.

In addition, Agarwood is soft, difficult to work with fine arts, so artworks made from real agarwood will be very expensive.

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The fake agarwood is completely different from the real agarwood, it has another name-calling “Black Magic Wood”. The structure of black magic wood is about like agarwood. how to recognize.  We can distinguish them by smelling and seeing the darkness of the oil level. The fake agarwood of grain is not clear like real agarwood grain, because the manufacturing process is to dip the wood into the agarwood oil tank. For a long time, essential oils absorb into the wood grain. So when we see that wood with the naked eye, its color is dark, shiny, and looks very attractive. When smelling it, it has a strong artificial fragrance, the scent is not sweet and light. If this wood is left in the air for a long time, it will lose its scent.

Where can I buy agarwood in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a tropical country,  there are forests widely distributed throughout the country. You can find agarwood in forests or people find it in a stream, or in the underground.

According to statistics, You can find agarwood in the following places. The wild agarwood is still present in mainly tropical forests in Central Vietnam (Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen, Binh Dinh, Quang Nam, Hue, Quang Binh, Phu Quoc). The cultivated agarwood is growing mainly in Dong Nai, Quang Nam, and Ha Tinh.

Vietnam agarwood is sold in many places, both online and offline. There are many differences in price and quality in-store. On the internet, it is easy to find shops selling agarwood chips, agarwood bracelets, agarwood oil, agarwood incense, agarwood pieces used for burning, and agarwood collection. Offline stores are many in tourist areas such as Khanh Hoa, Da Nang, Hue.

Although it has many selling places, to find a place to sell the real agarwood with reasonable prices, commitments and a good warranty is not easy. That depends on Who is a seller with professional ethics.

Because the agarwood price is so expensive, so many shops have the mindset of selling to tourists once without returning, so they sell very high prices and sell fake goods.

Oudwood Vietnam is a supplier of real agarwood products in Vietnam, which has been in the market. We have a high reputation through reviews and feedback from international and Vietnamese customers. You can see our reviews on our website here. We are always committed to standard agarwood, made in Vietnam, and wish to keep long-term relationships with customers.

So, how to buy real agarwood? Just click on https://agarwood.vn/ to see more oud agarwood products here!

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