How Vietnam agarwood affirms the No.1 position worldwide

How Vietnam agarwood affirms the No.1 position worldwide

Agarwood belongs to the genus Aquilaria, which is mostly founded in subtropical forests of Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam or the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. Among them, agarwood in Vietnam shows the best quality with a light sweet fragrance.

Agarwood is formed in the heartwood of aquilaria trees when they become infected with a type of mold, hurt by insects, lighting strike and especially natural conditions. These are so-called “Spirit of Heaven and Earth”.

Bringing Vietnam agarwood to the world

Agarwood or “Wood of the Gods” has been traded and highly wished for thousands of years for various purposes as incense, medicine and religious purposes, meditation/Zen, yoga practice and pure resin in a distilled form used as an essential oil as well as a perfume component. One of the main reasons for the relative rarity and high cost of agarwood is the depletion of the wild resource. To solve the problems, microbial technology or chemical substances are used to create agarwood in the heartwood of aquilaria trees.

Agarwood – “Spirit of Heaven and Earth”

In Vietnam, there are few companies whose specialty is in a chain of sustainable activities: from growing aquilaria trees, using microbial technology to create chemical-free agarwood to bringing natural agarwood products to the markets. Quality of Vietnam agarwood has gradually been confirmed worldwide, gained belief and removed foreigners’ assessment about that chemical Vietnam agarwood.

Binh Nghia Agarwood co., ltd is one of the leading companies for producing agarwood (oud) products.

Now over decades of experience, Binh Nghia Agarwood Co.,ltd has become one of the company’s leading agarwood (oud) products.

Our products are 100% organic. Our factory is the biggest in Vietnam for producing agarwood. We specialize in this field for over 30 years, the production of raw material stability, with good quality and pretty competitive.. Agarwood products (especially agarwood chips and essential oils) have received the trust of international partners in Europe, Asia, Europe, Middle East…

Mission of restoring the No.1 position of Vietnam agarwood

Vision: To become a leading company in manufacturing, trading and exporting agarwood and others products from agarwood globally.


+ Providing high quality agarwood and other agarwood products to consumers with the most reasonable price.

+ Affirming the position of Vietnam's Agarwood quality on the world market, increasing the value of Aquilaria trees to encourage people to grow Aquilaria trees to increase their income and contribute to environmental protection.

Binh Nghia specializes in manufacturing and supplying agarwood products for nationwide distribution and export. If you have any need or need advice on any issue, please contact us immediately via HOTLINE: +84.936.321.239 (WhatsApp)

Binh Nghia - The leading factory producing and distributing agarwood in Vietnam.

Hotline: +84.936.321.239 (WhatsApp)



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