The difference between a natural and Muhassan Oud

The difference between a natural and Muhassan Oud

Agarwood is classified into natural agarwood (pure natural agarwood), synthetic natural agarwood (improved natural agarwood), and the third is synthetic agarwood.

Pure natural agarwood

They are pieces of agarwood extracted from natural wood. Agarwood is extracted from agarwood trees and used without changing anything from its color or smell or adding any new component. Natural agarwood is distinguished by its bladder and heaviness, and its prices vary due to its different grades, types and different forms, as only the rich, kings and princes acquire it due to its high prices and scarcity. Binh Nghia is made of pure natural agarwood and these scents of pure incense sticks are widely used in the month of Ramadan, holidays and weddings.

The advantages and disadvantages of pure natural agarwood:

  • 100% natural
  • The agarwood has varying quality, with a good piece, a medium piece, and a bad piece.
  • Fraud occurs by mixing a good oud with a bad one, or by filling the lute from the inside with glue or iron to reduce the weight on the customer.
  • Good ones are rare, and expensive, ranging from 6,000 to 30,000 riyals per kilo.

Enhanced natural agarwood

It differs from the natural agarwood because it is a medium-quality, weak-smelling agarwood that is cleaned and improved by adding agarwood oil or a substance similar to the smell of agarwood called resin. cremation;

The advantages and disadvantages of pure natural agarwood:

Industrially treated so as to ensure the beauty of the scent in all the pieces evenly.

All the pieces in it give the same smell, so there is no discrepancy between one piece of agarwood and another.

There is no cheating or confusion.

Its prices are reasonable and range from 1500 riyals to 6000 riyals.

Muhassan Oud

They are pieces of wood from ordinary trees without odor that are cut in different shapes and placed in large cooking utensils. An oud-like substance is added, such as resin, and we produce oud-like pieces that have a fragrant smell, but they never reach the level of natural and improved natural oud, and it is considered the least expensive species. .

And you can differentiate between the synthetic and the improved natural oud through the shapes of the pieces, where the industrial types notice that the shapes of the pieces are repeated and similar because it is produced in factories, while in the improved natural oud it is very rare to find two pieces in the same shape in addition to the great difference in the smell, which can be distinguished by those with simple experience in Oud.

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