How to choose Agarwood bracelet that matches feng shui

How to choose Agarwood bracelet that matches feng shui

Wearing a necklace of Agarwood brings fortune and lucky. So when choose this feng shui bracelet must be careful.

Agarwood bracelet is one of the popular jewelry today. From famous people, business people or religious people use it. This string contains many meanings and uses. Especially when mentioning Agarwood, we immediately think of its interesting feng shui and spiritual conceptions. So choosing the right chain of Agarwood is very important.

Agarwood has long been used by people in Asian countries as a beauty in Asian culture. From temples, temples to inns and ornaments, the ecstatic scent of Agarwood is present in many places, passing through generations, spreading across religions.

I. Natural Agarwood bracelet brings spiritual connection

Agarwood is considered the wood of heaven by absorbing the quintessence of heaven and earth for hundreds of years; is believed to draw attention to the divine. Legend has it that, when wearing natural Agarwood  bracelet and praying, the fragrance will invite gods to witness for prayers. Besides, it also helps to make wishes come true soon, people wish to have a lot of luck.

II. Agarwood bracelet chases away evil spirit around

As mentioned, Agarwood is the wood of heaven due to the accumulation of quintessence for hundreds of years of heaven and earth. Should bring in yourself abundant powerful feng shui energy. Therefore, it is believed that Agarwood's energy can repel evil spirits, heathen evil forces, and unhealthy energies.

Therefore, when wearing natural Agarwood bracelets, the wearer also avoids undue pursuits of evil forces, bringing peace to himself.

III. Agarwood bracelet attracts fortune

Agarwood is a mascot of heaven and earth, taking hundreds of years to form. Agarwood "parasites" in the trunk of Aquilaria crassna tree and grows up thanks to the secretion of resin. Agarwood experiences the wind of mist to grow, so it is full of the lightness of the wind and the richness of the mist. Therefore, we humans lovingly bring Tram to work into beautiful jewelry items. Among them is a necklace from Agarwood. Agarwood necklace is currently a fashion trend for fashion accessories because of the miraculous functions it brings.

Not only stopping at the dispelling of evil spirits according to old beliefs, but Agarwood is now considered as a symbol of luck for users.

The custom of burning Agarwood when starting new things is also for this reason, it is believed that when burning Agarwood, gods will come to surround the space with incense and bless those places.

Luxury and class

There is no need to discuss the value that Agarwood chain brings. Because in folk often there is a rumor of "rich playing gold, luxurious playing Agarwood". People who like agarwood are usually very knowledgeable and have a personality. Simply put, Agarwood is suitable for all ages and classes, but not everyone feels its precious value.

The culture of using Agarwood as an ornament or as a household fuel has been and is considered a luxury hobby of the elite and merchants. There is belief that, Agarwood will help to circulate air, purify the unlucky impurities. In addition, it also helps the career path, a bright and broader academic career.

Not stopping there, the gentle aroma of Agarwood also helps users relax, calm down, help the spirit of clarity, promote work and the path of fame to become more effective.

Therefore, for those who "worship sacred, abstain from goodness", choosing for themselves a chain of Agarwood suitable with feng shui is inevitable. Therefore, natural Agarwood bracelets will not only bring peace to the wearer but also help the wearer to have more luck, always progress in career, love ...