How to use agarwood oil?

How to use agarwood oil?

There are two main reasons for wearing agarwood: for one’s personal enjoyment, and for others.

It is an absolute delight studying the evolution of the complex smell of agarwood oil on your skin for hours, for your own enjoyment. Many varieties of agarwood oil evoke olfactory memories, and it is a fascinating experience identifying them as the oil develops on your skin..

For one’s personal enjoyment, it is recommended to apply the oil to one’s outer forearm, 2 – 3 inches above the wrist. Even the tiniest amount will be sufficient. This is then gently dabbed below the jaw line.

Needless to say, Agarwood oil is so potent that even this tiny amount you apply can scent the entire room you are in.

It is important that you do not rub. Rather, you should dab gently until a sheen remains on your arm, after applying to your jaw/neck. Your skin is highly absorbent, so rubbing will make the oil (and the scent) disappear much faster. It can also damage the scent molecules and hence the aroma of the Agarwood.

Moisturizing your skin before applying oud oil will also ensure that the aroma lasts longer.

For the ultimate ‘broadcasting’ effect, there are two ways to use Agarwood oil:

1) Applying to your clothes, bracelet, or other item: This will give you the longest lasting smell as the oil will not be absorbed by the skin. For clothes, it is best to apply a bit to the shoulders, and some to the chest and back areas of your shirt.

2) Applying to the skin: while this will not last nearly as long, in most cases the smell will be much more appealing due to the unique chemistry between the skin and agarwood. Apply the oil just below your outer wrist, then dab (not rub) it onto your jaw/neck. Once again, remember to keep a sheen remaining so don’t rub too hard!

About 1 – 2 light swipes of the dip stick should be used if you want to share the beautiful smell of agarwood with those around you.

Don’t forget that others might not be accustomed to the smell of agarwood like you! So do not over apply, even if you yourself can not detect too strong a smell. Remember that one’s own nose gets quickly accustomed to the scent due to olfactory fatigue.

Different ouds have different scent lives, and different chemistries with the skin. You may find, for example, that you like your Indian agarwood best applied to the skin, while you like to have your Malaysian agarwood scenting your clothes.

It’s all a matter of taste, and a matter of testing to see which end results you like the most. Go to our website now to start your adventure!