Vietnamese agarwood chips come from Vietnam bordering Cambodia where agarwood farms and forests are spread in South Asian countries including: Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Indonesia.

1. How to extract Vietnamese agarwood chips

Vietnamese agarwood chips are extracted from the bark of the Vietnamese Aquilaria Baninsa agarwood trees which are rich in natural agarwood oil. The Vietnamese agarwood trees are grown in private farms. Then the Vietnamese agarwood trees are cut, the parts free from the agarwood are carved and the wood containing the agarwood veins is filtered and these veins are what give the Vietnamese agarwood chips its beautiful aroma.

The forest is made from the natural agarwood trees of the Binh Nghia

2. Best way to use vietnamese agarwood chips

It is preferable to use Vietnamese agarwood chips for personal evaporation, preferably after igniting the charcoal: leave it until it cools down and a layer of ash forms on the charcoal so that the Vietnamese agarwood chips do not burn quickly. Then put three pieces of agarwood chips on top of each other and then placed them on the ashes of coal. Also, for a better result, it is preferable to use an electric steamer on a low temperature.

Deluxe Agarwood Chips

3. Top quality Vietnamese Agarwood Chips

Why do we recommend the use of Vietnamese oud chips:

It is recommended for several reasons, including:

  • The Vietnamese agarwood chips are 100% natural, as they do not cause allergies, especially those who are hurt by artificial agarwood or scented incense.
  • The price of oud chips is affordable for everyone, as the price of an ounce costs less than 75 riyals.
  • The quantity of oud chips is large and sufficient for a long period of use.
  • The smell of Vietnamese agarwood is different from other types of aquilaria, and it is often considered a precious substance for agarwood incense because of this particular smell. We assure you that we always offer natural agarwood chips products from tropical forests.

Order the Vietnamese chips and enjoy the natural aroma of Agarwood.

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