Why Agarwood is a present from Mother Nature?

Why Agarwood is a present from Mother Nature?

Agarwood is a present from Mother Nature. It brings great value and benefits for health and spirit such as peace, luck, exorcism, and so on. In fact, although Agarwood is sold at a high price, many people still want to own it. Because the value of Agarwood is not only in the long-term formation process and the difficulty in exploitation, but also in its uses for health and human life People use incense for praying and worship.

Special Wild Agarwood

It is said that God can be present any place where has incense. The aroma of agarwood incense has a strong spreading power and giving users relaxation and comfort. Moreover, the incense can improve living space and working environment in harmony with feng shui. The special scent of agarwood helps calm, relieve stress, purify the air and enhance users’ health significantly.

Agarwood Incense Sticks

Spiritually, agarwood is not only the embodiment of good things, but considered as a symbol of the quintessence and sacr as well connecting intellect, hearts and good wishes of many generations and many cultures despite differences in geography, skin color or ethnicity. In any era, agarwood is also present in solemn, pure and noble places. Agarwood seems to contain the purest and finest features that is perceived through its elegant aroma. However, that is not all of agarwood.

Special Sanai Agarwood (Meroki)

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